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Joe Hamlen is a composer whose primary interests include silence, ambient sound and single idea works. He is based in Bristol, and recently completed his post-graduate study at Bath Spa University, under the tuition of James Saunders and Joe Duddell. Joe's work has been performed by Richard Uttleyplus-minus and Darragh Morgan.

Joe's music makes use of silence and space. Beginning in Ma (2015) and continuing in lost the urge to be by myself (2015), the music exists at the border of sound and silence, frequently utilising long silences, punctuated only by the subtlest of gestures. Joe is also interested in extra musical elements either growing out of or shaping the musical material, such as the resonance of a timpani  in lost the urge... , several other objects in the for [instrument] and [object] (2016-) series or the use of the live shipping forecast in Shipping (2014).

 Joe also explores small scale, single idea work. Recently, both the for one (2016-) and the text pieces(2016-) have involved a single instruction, be that idiosycratic as in for one, or deliberately vague as in text pieces, which are then stretched over a longer period of time than expected.

In 2015, Joe's piece Shipping  was performed by Richard Uttley at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival as part of the 'Shorts' program. 

Joe is currently working on several projects, involving field recording, live improvisation and a potential performative endeavour with Oliver Ginger 

List of works:

Recordings and scores will soon be available.

for [instrument] and [object] (2016-)

text pieces (2016-)

for one (2016-)

for three or more sustaining instruments (2016)

'soon silence will have passed into legend' (2016)

lost the urge to be by myself (2015)

Ma (2015)

Shipping (2014)

Structures (2014)